Guild Aramoza – This guild is found primarily on the eastern coast. They charge a yearly membership fee of 100 gp per person. Guild members have access to certain benefits and resources should they be in need of them. If there is room in any local guild house or way houses a guild member has the right to stay the night.

  • Access to free rooms
  • Access to higher Gp value items in certain cities
  • Access to Jobs before they hit the job boards

Bounty Hunter Guild – The Hunter Guild can be found all over the place. Mainly located in towns or cities big enough to have prisons they contract out work to their members to hunt down people who need to be brought back to serve their time. More often they are actually consigned to find and bring back people who would cheat death and are facing execution. Though anyone can bring in a bounty a bounty hunter does it better.

  • First dibs on bounties
  • Higher payment on bounties in some Cities
  • Autonomy in certain territories to act alongside or apart from local law enforcement

Hunters Hall – Hunters Hall is actually a group that maintains many halls in the bigger cities devoted to hunters. The hunters in question are those who seek out difficult or legendary prey. When a hunter bags a particularly special kill they display it in one of the hunters halls. Besides displaying trophies most hunters halls boast a large knowledge base between rare books and its members.

  • Bonuses on Monster Research checks when done in a hall
  • Information on special hunts
  • Certain amount of status within cities
  • Elite contact base


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