Scepters are items similar to wands that carry spells and use charges to function. Unlike wands they can hold two spells and further more can hold higher level spells than wands often do.

  • The cost is caster level × the spell level × 750 gp for the highest-level spell included, plus the caster level × the spell level × 750 gp for the second spell. If either spell has a material component it is added to the base price and cost to create once for each charge.
  • Only one spell of 5th to 7th level may be added. The second spell may be of any level up to fourth.
  • Lower level spells use up one charge while spells 5th through 7th level cost two charges.
  • A typical scepter has 10hit points, hardness 8, and a break DC of 24.
  • As with wands a Scepter is created with 50 charges and can’t be recharged.

Silver Priests Scepter:

  • This scepter is used by many good aligned clerics. It contains the spells Searing Light and Cure Serious Wounds. Both are at caster level ten. Both spells use one charge. It functions as a +1 Silver Mace (Heavy) otherwise. Cost: 54700 gp


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