Cleric Domains

Mezator – G – God of Harmony – Neutral Good – Good, Protection, Magic
Mezator is one of the bigger gods and his entire profile is about harmony. His clerics teach that others should love others and forgive others for their wrong doings. Consequently they also preach that sometimes force must be taken to preserve order and harmony. This force could be putting down evil doers or helping those in need avoid downfall. Though many are annoyed by his followers they are numerous and found all over.

Kalter – G – God of Discord – Neutral Evil – Evil, Trickery, War
Kalter is a wholly evil god dedicated to spreading evil any way he can. His followers often seed discord and bad tidings any where they can. Not to be confused with chaos Kalters clergy finds specific places that they can bring evil to. They may help a king over tax his people and then later on give him to the people he preyed on. They satisfy a need for their god to make sure things are in evils favor whenever possible.

Givhenous – G – God of Nature – Neutral – Plant, Animal, Strength
The god of nature tends to be venerated by druids and people who work in or alongside nature more than anyone else. Elves and Dwarfs who worship other deities still pay lip service to Givhenous as it helps in their lives from time to time to have his blessing. His clergy fight those who would destroy nature just for the sake of money and supposed progress rather than living with it.

Jakenall – I – God of Luck – Chaotic Neutral – Trickery, Luck, Knowledge
The followers of Jakenall embrace life as something that is for the taking. They thus need all the luck they can get and Jakenall will see that they get it. The philosophy that all one needs is luck and enough tricks to get them to prosperity is frowned upon by those not inducted in the faith.

Soltos – I – Goddess of The Elves – Chaotic Good – Elf, Good, Magic
Soltos is the elves major deity. While other minor elven gods exist the only one that comes close to actual divinity and power that would bereft veneration is Soltos. She is depicted as a beautiful elven woman with long golden hair. During times of war this hair turns black and she dons her armor to battle her enemies.

Kerful The Crafter – I – Dwarven Deity – Neutral Good – Dwarf, Strength, Earth
The Crafter Kerful was the one responsible for teaching mortals the ways of metal. At least this is the way the dwarves tell it. They imbue their deity with an unnatural strength that can be attested to in person. Among their kin the dwarves know no other deity.

Samuel The Silverlite – I – God of Light and Purity – Lawful Good – Purification, Good, Glory
The Silverlite is known as the very first paladin ever to walk the world. Even after his death he found his own way to fight injustice, through others. His followers are of the utmost moral caliber. Sometimes misunderstood by others for their unending dedication to purity and good, they are known as the most loyal people by their allies.

Talren – L – Goblins – Neutral Evil – Evil, Destruction, Death
The only deity known to cater to goblins Talren minds her charges. Asking them to spread their kind as far as the eye can see this doesn’t sit well with mankind as a whole. Luckily her clerics and chieftains are vying for power and stabbing each other in the backs using their tribes as troops in petty battles. Thus they will never organize a real threat to anyone.

Oros – I – The Orc – Chaotic Evil – Orc, Evil, Wrath
The Orc deity preaches a philosophy that all others should fall at their feet. Due to the large numbers and military presence of orcs they may one day complete this task. The Clerics of Oros are advisers to the tribal leaders often influencing policy for their deity.

Lavos – I – Goddess of Magic and Force – Magic, Force, Illusion, Spell
Through Lavos all things are possible. Known by her faithful as the one who makes all things she embodies the very source of magic. Sorcerers often invoke her name in the casting of their spells, while wizards seek forbidden knowledge in her name. Her Clergy often seek to bring magic into others lives for the purpose of bettering them.

Varmillios – I – God of Death – Lawful Neutral – Death, Renewal, Law, Sun
Death comes to all. This is a fact of life. This is the tenant of faith that Varmillios’ clergy live by. They may seem almost obsessed with death but one must always point out that it is part of renewal for things to die. So although others view them with mistrust they are often the first to clear the battle fields of the dead and give them the prayers to help them into the afterlife. They maintain the grave sites that dot the globe and seek to keep those dead from returning in a mockery of their former selves.

Necarus – L – Lady of the unliving – Neutral Evil – Undeath, Death, Darkness
Her followers worship the dead. The dead who walk that is. Necarus’ followers preach that death is only the end of one part of a persons life and that after is when it really begins. Most of the clerics who pay her worship do so in secret as most other faiths view them as abominations of mankind and seek to stop their plots before they reach fruition.


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