Humans are everywhere. They tend to get around and thrive in most places regardless of what’s in their way. This is their greatest talent and at times their greatest flaw. If you go somewhere then chances are you will find a human somewhere even if it isn’t their territory. Sub Humans

Eladrin are fey that are very close in appearance to elves. The truth is that they both share a common ancestry in the distant past. They mostly live in one of the other realms that share space with the material plane. There are a number of them on the material plane however but they rarely are seen as anything else as different looking elves. It is said that powerful so called “noble eladrin” live on the outer planes and dispense justice with their holy powers.

Elves exist in a state between mortal and immortal. Children of the Fey they share there talent for magic and coexistence with nature but never live for more than a thousand years. Like the fey, they are old and existed in dominance long before the humans took hold and know more about the world than they are willing to let on. Though they predominantly live in elven only areas there are times when one will show up living with other races, humans and dwarves usually.

Living under the mountains and in the hill sides the dwarves are one of the more hardy races one will ever meet. They craft some of the most powerful weapons and at the same time some of the most beautiful works of art known around the world. They are proficient warriors and their military might is known all over.

Primarily known as skilled in technical application; gnomes also excel in the practice of magic. They primarily are found in cities but in a few places have their own towns. They fill niches in many places as sellers of magical items and are often found as merchants.

Not as numerous as other races; Halflings can be found all over. In their own settlements they maintain small communities for a time then move on. This nomadic lifestyle is their way of life but sometimes they find places they like to be and stay there for an extended period of time. Their small stature is offset by their resourcefulness and quick mind.

The Goliath way of life in some ways mirror the Halfling. They choose to go where their fortunes take them and then after a season move on to other places. Unlike other races they are required to trade with others to get things they need. This nomadic lifestyle makes them find ways to use resources that others wouldn’t take. They are found primarily in the mountains but sometimes show up in the forests and towns on the edge of civilization.

Most people don’t even know that changelings are real. Often mistaken for other shapechangers they often never truly let another being know who or what they really are. Although they rarely have settlements of their own they will sometimes gather together with other changelings in the settlements of others for protection. It’s only in these rare places that they feel at ease…For a time anyways.

Half Giant
Half Giants were originally bred by giants living in vast deserts so they would have hardy workers. That was a long time ago but now half giants can be found all over the world. They still often face stigma from others. Their giant lineage gives them strength and their human side allows them access to the power of the mind. However they never truly belong and they are found in the places that they face the least amount of prejudice towards them.

If Changelings are secretive then Elans are paranoid. They are human in appearance and only by great accident or very perceptive people are their true natures ever known. From time to time an elan may share their true nature with allies or companions but often will move on afterwards. The process by which a human becomes an elan is only known to the council which is as close to a society as they get. When it is over the elan is composed of psionic energy and ceases to age. Few pick up their lives where they left off while most take a new name, new location, and new life.

Maenads live mostly along the coastal areas. Their settlements usually only contain 200 to 400 people living there. They are known by others to have crystal-like shines on their skin and occasional bouts of anger that can hurt those around them. When a maenad gets mad enough their judgement becomes clouded and they gain a boost to strength that often is directed at the source of whatever transgressions. For this reason they are very discreet and act as calm as possible.

Xeph live in the southern regions. They can be found in the forests or the grass lands. They typically have settlements in areas that are not easily accessible. The sides of cliffs or along side rivers, or even in the thickest forests. They excel in psionic talents and also have a decent amount of sorcerers in their midst.

Illuminated Ones
Lumes as they have been called by humans are beings that are composed of pure energy. They however are able to take a semi solid form to walk among mortal beings. They generally do this to see what life is like for mortals. During this time they interact and see what they can of the world. After some amount of time they then go back to the planes to once again roam as pure energy. However some of them fight this urge and stay to adventure and live among mortals.


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