Adolf Silverfang

"A beautiful white wolf with a black scar looks back at you... it seems like he's almost judging you."


Adolf Silver fang Race Wolf Alignment NG Diety Nature
Size medium physical description a white wolf with a black scar on its right eye the fur there is black. eyes are blue Movement 50ft
HP 32 (Each level 10, 10, 6)
AC 18/20 (10 + 2/0 AC + 4 dex + 2/6 NA)
touch 14 flat 14
BA 2
Str 18/ 22 Dex 18 Con 14 Int 10 Wis 14 Cha 8
Fort 7 = 5 + 2
Ref 7 = 3 + 4
Will 4 = 2 + 2

Attack Atk B dmg Crit type Special Magic
Bite 6 __ 1d6+6 __ 20 X2 _ BPS __ trip __ none
Bite 8 __ 1d6+9 __ 20 X2 _ BPS __ trip __ none

Skills (these have everything included didn’t include skills i have no ranks in)
Knowledge Nature 3, Listen + 6, spot + 6, survival +9 (13 if tracking by scent)

Leather armor +2 AC Max dex 6 no ACP

track. 1st improved scent 3rd uncanny scent

Special Abilities
lowlight vision darkvision 60ft scent, nature sense (+2 know nat. and survival), wild empathy

Special attacks trip

0-level cure minor 3 times
1-level cure light 2 times

Languages Common and wolf and druidic


Adolf was once the Animal Companion of a very powerful druid named Ren Silverfang. The two together made a powerful combinations despatching the many different creatures together from powerful dragons to evil goblins. Being Human though eventually Ren Silverfang became a very old man only being human and had eventually lost his vision and had to retire from adventuring. Adolf was trained to be his seeing eye companion and was trained how to manipulate objects despite his lack of hands. Of course he could never do so all that well but Ren Silverfang was always extremely kind to his good friend. The two were inceperable and when Ren new it was near his time he gave to Adolf a great gift. He awakened the wolf that had cared for him in during the twilight of his life. When Adolf became awakened he lost the former str and power that he gained from being with his master but he could now think and reason just as any normal man could. He took care of his master until the day his master passed. He burned the master cerimonialy and vowed to take up where his master left off trying to do good in the world and to find his place. Because he viewed his master like a father he took up the last name of Silverfang to honor his former master and set out to make his own destiny.

Life was not easy being a wolf. Most of the time entry to a town got him quickly to be attacked and talking made people think of him as a spy or some form of monster. So Adolf learned that sometimes its wiser just to keep your mouth shut. He travels trying to find a group that will accept him for what he is and to try to do some good in this world.

Adolf Silverfang

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